Dr Nenad Jelaca

Nenad holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in chiropractic science and is an associate chiropractor at CHIRO H3.

Nenad comes from a sporting background having played representative soccer since a young age, and currently still playing locally. His love and passion of the game was coincidently what first introduced him to chiropractic care, having had a number of injuries that persisted and lead him to his first adjustment. This intrigued him and set the course for his journey to become a chiropractor himself.

His passion for chiropractic deepened when facing few health challenges of his own, for which he was prescribed long term medication during his studies. It is through this experience that he realised that you can’t just mask the symptoms and need to get to the root cause of the problem, it didn’t make sense to take medications to be healthy. Through his own hardships he developed an innate understating into the science, art and philosophy of Chiropractic.

Nenad is an advocate of exercise and healthy living with great focus on postural/bio-mechanical correction and proper lifestyle advice. He lives his life by the principles of move well, eat well, think well and inspires clients to create these healthy habits and achieve optimal health and wellbeing through a Chiropractic lifestyle.

When not in practice you’ll find Nenad playing soccer or hanging out in the Northern beaches.

Accreditations & Memberships

australian spinal research foundation
australian chiropractors association
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